UPRA Receives Financing from NASA for the LASED Project LASED-foto-1-672x372Prof. Guillermo Nery (right) will manage the LASED project together with Prof. Ángel Acosta, the coordinator.

Professors Guillermo Nery and Ángel Acosta from the University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo (UPRA) successfully secured half a million dollars in funding from NASA for a new educational project called Leading AeroSpace Educational Development (LASED). This new project will support the efforts of two earlier projects (AEL and ISMuL) that for years have offered free services to both UPRA professors and visiting students from middle and high schools from Puerto Rico. The professors that work in the Integrated Science Multi-use Laboratory (ISMuL) and the Aerospace Educational Laboratory (AEL) competed for the funds offered by NASA to museums and other similar educational entities. Beginning with this academic year and during the four years of duration, LASED will develop for AEL and ISMuL new educational activities, workshops, and museum quality exhibitions to awaken interest in science, and to support and improve science education in middle and high schools. The lessons developed by the LASED project will demonstrate NASA’s relationship with science and its contributions to the field. The exhibitions that will be developed will include the Wall of Periodic Tables (with element samples enclosed in acrylic), and the Cloud Chamber (in which the movement of radiation particles can be observed.) Also, additional equipment will be acquired to support activities and exhibitions related to atomic structure and astronomy. The program’s director, Dr. Guillermo Nery, and coordinator, Prof. Ángel Acosta, would like to thank their colleagues and UPRA for their support in preparing the LASED proposal to undergo a very competitive approval process and become a reality. Prof. Glorymill Santiago, director of the AEL and ISMuL projects, who collaborated directly with LASED’s proponents was very satisfied with her colleagues’ achievements. AEL and ISMuL receive funding from NASA’s Puerto Rico Space Grant, led by Dr. Gerardo Morell,which are independent funds from those granted to LASED. The new services developed through project LASED’s funds will be free of cost for all teachers and middle, high school, and university students, and the general public. These services will be offered through AEL (http://ael.uprA.edu) and ISMuL (http://ismul.uprA.edu) throughout the entire academic year, including a science summer academy. Anyone interested in participating is invited to visit AEL or ISMuL’s web page or call 787-815-0000 x3680. Source: lobodigital.upra.edu

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